Become a Podcast Host

Welcome to the home of The Power of Storytelling hosted by YOU. We are looking for hosts in cities across the country to join us in our cause. If you are interested in helping share the stories of people who have found success, then fill out the interest form at the bottom of this page or email us.

You will be taking an earnest, introspective look into guests’ lives, digging into their formidable early childhood and adolescence years, finding their way through early adulthood and achieving professional success, and the obstacles they have yet to overcome.

The goal of the podcast is to not just inform students of the possibilities, but to provide relatable role models to inspire them to put forth the effort no matter what obstacles may stand in their way.

Listen to our current episodes here to get an idea for what our show is all about.

Why Should I Become a Host?

By far the biggest benefits are making an impact on thousands of students' lives and having your voice heard across the country. Not only that, but you will get to make genuine connections with influential people in your community you might not otherwise have an opportunity to. Plus, you will earn $50 per produced episode.

Who Should I Be?

Ideally, you are a sociable undergrad or graduate student who wants to get into the broadcasting or media industry. You have a sense of humor and can keep a crowd entertained. You are experience with GarageBand and audio editing, and you own your own laptop. However, you do NOT have to fit all of those descriptions, so still feel free to fill out the interest form! We welcome a diverse group of hosts.

What Will I Have to Do?

- Record long-format podcasts (2-4 episodes per month)
- Edit podcasts
- Follow a checklist for specific formatting and content
- Reach out to potential guests via LinkedIn or other networking sites

If you are intested in becoming a host, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you.

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