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Meet OZ

SLĀ Foundation is a private operating foundation that connects predominantly low-income high-school students to mentorship, educational programming and resources that will help them pursue higher education, financial stability and success. 

Our premise is it’s hard to dream big when you’re not sure what’s out there. That’s why we’ve designed the SLĀ Speaker Series to bring a diverse set of young professionals from a broad range of fields to inspire and serve as role models to high-school students. This is a structured speaking engagement and a huge opportunity to change students’ lives for the better. And it’s super simple to get started.

OZ (short for Opportunity Zone) is a free software platform that connects teachers, speakers and students. Teachers can quickly and easily add time slots they’d like to host speakers. Speakers can then easily book the time they’d like to speak. Students can then view their classroom’s upcoming speakers and build their professional network by connecting with these young professionals on LinkedIn.

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Teachers and speakers can track the impact speakers have on students as we aggregate the student survey results.

Teachers and speakers can also cite astonishing statistics we have concluded from the survey data. For example, “Students who heard from 10 or more speakers were 3x more likely to go to college than ones who didn’t.”



Students can view and apply to posted high school internships in their area.

Students can sign up for SLĀ Foundation Corporate Immersions, or company field trips, allowing them to be exposed to career options around their area.

Students can also connect with past speakers on LinkedIn.



Teachers have access to our diverse database of speakers to bring into their classrooms.

Teachers can view the demographics of the speakers who are coming in as well as their industry and corporation.

Speakers can easily find available speaking times in their location of choice.