Frequently Asked Questions

For Speakers

How do I become a speaker? +

1) Click ENTER OZ in the top right corner of this page.
2) Click SIGN UP. You will then receive an email to make a password.
3) After creating your password, fill out your account information choosing your role as a SPEAKER.
4) Your account will be verified within 24-48 hours. After that, you will be able to sign into OZ and view available speaking times.

How Long Of A Time Commitment Is Speaking?

Speaking engagements are typically 90 minutes in length plus travel time. Plan to arrive 15 minutes early as well to ensure you have time to park, check-in with the front office, find the classroom and are ready to start when the bell rings. Note, when you view available times in the portal you will see the exact duration of each class.

What Do I Need To Bring With Me? +

Bring a valid ID with you when you check-in at the main office. Most schools will check it and print a visitor's badge you must wear while on school grounds that day. Additionally, bring any corporate swag you may have. Kids love swag! Bring an electronic copy of your presentation as backup.

How Do I Find The Classroom? +

When you arrive at the school, check-in at the front office and they will direct you to the teacher's classroom. Be sure to bring you a valid ID as most schools will check for it and print a visitor's badge you must wear while on school grounds that day.

Do I Need An Ethics Certification Or Specialized Training? +

An ethics certification is not required; however, to be an effective speaker, please review the documents in the Speaker Portal within the Documents tab. Do so even if you believe you are a quality speaker; speaking to high-school students on a Friday after lunch is much different than leading a corporate meeting.

Is A Background Check Required? +

Typically, the answer is no. However, this depends on the individual school and/or district. When you sign-up for a particular slot, the teacher will receive an automated email. At this time, the teacher may reach out to you directly to complete any necessary steps. Once completed, the teacher will Approve your time slot at which point you will receive an automated Approval email.

For Teachers

How do I host a speaker? +

1) Click ENTER OZ in the top right corner of this page.
2) Click SIGN UP. You will then receive an email to make a password.
3) After creating your password, fill out your account information choosing your role as a TEACHER.
4) Your account will be verified within 24-48 hours. After that, you will be able to sign into OZ and create speaking times to host a speaker.

Why should I host guest speakers? +

SLĀ Foundation believes the way to unlock the full potential of students is to provide them with role models who can relate, educate, inspire and provide them with a professional network.
Relate: We seek young professionals, typically ages 21 - 35, who match the diversity of the student body.
Educate: Guest speakers are professionals who hold white-collar professions, working in industries and roles in which most students, especially the underprivileged and underserved, lack knowledge.
Inspire: Through the art of storytelling, guest speakers take students on their life journey showing them how setbacks and struggles can be overcome and the road to get there.
Network: We know it's not just what you know, but who you know. We encourage students to connect with the guest speakers via LinkedIn and begin building their professional network which might otherwise not exist, especially for students growing up in working-class/blue-collar families and neighborhoods.

How Can I Listen To The Podcasts? +

You can listen to The Power of Storytelling podcast on your computer, tablet or phone via Apple, Google, Spotify or a number of other podcast platforms. Simply search for the specific guest's name or "SLĀ Foundation" or "Shane Adams" or "The Power of Storytelling." You can also access the podcasts directly from the Podcast tab.

Can I Contact The Speaker Directly? +

Yes, you can view the speaker's email and phone number from the portal. Keep in mind, most speakers are Millennials so don't shy away from texting!

Who are the guest speakers? +

Guest speakers are young, white-collar professionals who are volunteering their time to make a difference. They are not only from diverse industries, but are diverse themselves to be representative of the student body. We encourage speakers anywhere from ages 21 to 35 and who hold a white-collar profession or run their own business to apply. Guest speakers and teachers are encouraged to refer people within their network whom they believe would make great speakers.

How do guest speakers relate to students? +

We encourage our speakers to not only dress and speak casually, but to find relatability by sharing insights into their own childhood. No speaker will look like or come from a similar background as each and every student. This is why we encourage speakers to find common ground at the beginning of their presentation. For example, Shane Adams, the Founder of SLĀ Foundation, likes to ask questions like "Who gets free or reduced school lunches," "Whose parents are separated or divorced?" Shane, a white male, may not look like Mary, a Hispanic female, but Shane can answer Yes to both of those questions and Mary may as well. Thus, Shane is more likely to have a positive impact on Mary and she may now be more receptive to actively engaging in his story.

What are Classes? +

Classes are a feature so teachers can group their students appropriately. For example, a teacher may have one group of students for her 5th period class and another group of students for her 6th period class. She would create two separate Classes in this case, perhaps named "5th Period" and "6th Period", respectively. A five-digit Class Code is randomly generated upon Class creation, perhaps 53487 and 63948, respectively. When a 5th period student creates his login, he will enter the 53487 Class Code during account creation. This will show him only the upcoming speakers coming to his specific class. Additionally, this will allow the teacher to view her students' surveys and Cornell Notes grouped by class, and see which students heard from which speakers.

Who approves speakers? +

SLĀ Foundation approves speaker accounts; however, it is the teacher who approves a spekaer for a specific time slot. Therefore, it is your responsibility to ensure the speaker meets your standards and any pre-requirements your school or district may have for outside guests.

How do I know a speaker signed up? +

You will receive an email subjected "Speaker Request" from SLĀ Foundation that lets you know when a speaker signs up for your class. You can also check OZ to see a line up of speakers for your classroom.

What Do I Have To Do When A Speaker Comes In? +

Not much at all! All you have to do is set up the speaker's PowerPoint that will be submmitted in advance via OZ and introduce the speaker. Lay back, listen to them speak, and then thank them when they are done. Be sure to review the speaker by clicking on the Review tab within OZ and be certain to have your students do the same.

For Students

What is a Corporate Immersion? +

SLĀ Corporate Immersions offer you an unique opportunity to experience a professional atmosphere-- all for free! Immersions are typically a one-time company field trip to your corporate office for 1.5 hours and consist of an office tour, a founder’s story or company overview, and a Q&A with a diverse panel of employees in various roles. Often times, you will walk away with corporate swag, such as t-shirts, food, and more! Sound cool? To sign up go to the CORPORATE IMMERSIONS tab in OZ.

What is a College Immersion? +

SLĀ College Immersions offer you an unique opportunity to visit a college campus-- all for free! Explore your interests in higher education with your peers while touring the school. Sound cool? To sign up go to the COLLEGE IMMERSIONS tab in OZ.

What is an Internship and how do I apply? +

An internship is a period of work experience offered by an organization for a limited period of time. It is a wonderful opportuntiy to apply what you learn in school to the real world. The SLĀ Portal lists various internships for high school students. You can view these internships by clicking on the INTERNSHIPS tab in OZ. Click the job application link to apply, or click the VIEW INTERNSHIP button to find out more details.