SLĀ Speaker Series


It’s hard to dream big when you’re not sure what’s out there. That’s why the SLĀ Speaker Series seeks young professionals from a broad range of fields to help students discover the many career paths that are possible for them. It’s important for us to showcase not just diversity of industry and role, but diversity in ethnicity and background. This enables us to inspire and serve as role models to the students. A single speaker has the power to inspire so many!

Speaking is a 90-minute commitment involving three components: the speaker’s story, a discussion activity and a student survey.

Speaker’s Story

The first 45 minutes of the class period are devoted to the speaker sharing their experiences of their adolescence, high school, college and their career. As our students begin to think about their futures, this is an opportunity to provide a roadmap along with some answers to important questions.

Discussion Activity

The 30 minute activity is an opportunity for students to put themselves in the speaker’s shoes. What might it be like to build a startup, investigate a disease outbreak, or use design thinking concepts to improve clinical experiences for patients? Design a fun and engaging activity that will have the students experience what a day in the office might feel like.

Student survey

The last 10 minutes of the class period is devoted to a student survey that helps us understand what students are learning from speakers and what kinds of speakers students want to hear. It’s also an opportunity for the student to grade you!

If you would like to become a guest speaker, create an Opportunity Zone account to get started today.

If you are a teacher, principal or other school administrator and would like to learn more about hosting speakers at your school, hop over to Host a Speaker for additional information.